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Enclave Antivirus Service
Enclave Antivirus Service
One year subscription.


Enclave Managed Networks’ centrally managed antivirus & antimalware service provides custom solutions to this vital task.  Protect your computers, business and your pocket book from a host of online threats by taking advantage of our excellent antivirus products and experience.

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computers are all subject to various threats.  Yes, Macs too!  Think “threats” rather than viruses.  In our modern computing environment we can no longer restrict security response to viruses only.  All sorts of malware from viruses, worms, Trojans, botnets and exploits are a permanent fact of life.

No security product (read antivirus) is 100% effective, but Enclave brings you the best we can find – AND – we keep our eyes peeled in case something even better comes along.

The cost of our antivirus service is $3.00 per month per computer;  a small price to pay for peace of mind!

All prices on our site are in Canadian dollars.

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