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What Enclave does can be stated simply.  We help keep home and business computers running.  We assist customers to prepare for possible computer failures and disasters.  We help clients recover  should things go wrong.  Preparation and active monitoring is the key to our success.

Enclave Managed Networks specializes in the day-to-day administration required by any business that relies on their computing infrastructure. We work remotely with businesses too small to have their own I.T. department but still need the help of I.T. professionals. Our area of operations is generally north of Highway 16 from Prince Rupert to Prince George. Our central location in Smithers allows us to quickly respond in person to critical incidents as required.

We can help maintain and administer servers, desktop computers, mobile computers and most bits of I.T. infrastructure such as UPSes, network switches, firewalls, etc. We can help you set up a new company network or redesign an existing network to meet your current needs. We work with other I.T. contractors to provide specialized services to our clients and can help our clients achieve and maintain compliance with various regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes/Oxley and the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards.

Dennis Strain
Enclave Managed Networks
Box 365, Smithers, BC, Canada V0J 2N0